Space to Breathe

Space to Breathe is a new typology of holiday park that stems from our reflections on the Great British traditions of allotments, beach huts and caravans, and takes inspiration from allotment holiday homes from around the world such as the Danish 'Haveforeninger', the Russian 'Dacha' and the German 'Schrebergarten'.

Essay by Jonathan P. Watts can be read here

Space to Breathe provides the setting, infrastructure and bedrock ideology for a holiday park with a difference. It is to be a park of small architectural wonders, from cosy self-build shacks to architect designed sculptural spectacle. It will provide an opportunity for creative freedom to build and inhabit a unique micro space of one's own creation. This project is for everyone; crafters, DIYers, amateur and professional designers alike, an opportunity for city dwellers and their loved ones to build an affordable place of their own, to retreat to and connect with nature and the outdoors.

The concept taps into the growing popularity of the 'staycation' and demand for a place to escape. Space to Breathe offers this in a neat and manageable package, together with all the well-being benefits of outdoor recreation and the rewards of growing your own food. The park responds to growing interest in self build in the UK, (and the associated frustrations at the lack of opportunity to do so), and to the aspiration for high quality design.

Space to Breathe is a unique suburban or rural land use that can help sustain rather than suffocate existing rural life.

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