EDRM supports cultural organisations and small businesses in Ipswich and we love to invest our time in the place where we live and work.

Many cultural organisations and small businesses do not have the resources to invest in professional architectural support when starting out. By contributing our expertise, EDRM is helping them to get their projects to a stage where they can apply for funding. This in turn opens up opportunities for growth and expansion that might not have been feasible otherwise. By empowering the local community through the spaces they occupy, their creativity can flourish and make a valuable contribution to the rejuvenation of our town centre.

Amongst others, we have provided pro bono support to Joe Bailey in connection with the development of the St Stephens Church and The Baths performance venues; to Miranda Acres, Annabel Debrick and Matt West for their project at The Ancient House; and to Cad Taylor and her team in the development of The Hive on Norwich Road.

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