Inside Out

Inside Out is a series of fly posters of the interiors of derelict or under-utilised buildings in Ipswich, installed to coincide with the Heritage Open Day event.

The posters are displayed directly on or adjacent to the subject building and offer the passer-by an insight of an interior not normally accessible to the public. The project aspires to elevate the building's status, to expose its interior complexity, it's potential and raw beauty.

BW_1 CS_1

The unauthorised act of fly posting attempts to reclaim agency over these buildings and challenges the community to engage with their existence and their potential future.

The photographic images of the interiors are juxtaposed with architectural plan drawings that act as an historic record of the building's current form. The featured buildings are all earmarked to be retained and re-used, and this marks a sea change in recent years to prioritise reuse over demolition and re-build.

SC_3 SC_1 BW_2 Silo_4 BW_3 CS_3 CS_4 Silo_5 PW_2 Silo_6 PH_1 PH_2a PH_3 PH_6 Burts_2
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