Art Space

We enjoy working with other creative people and have been very fortunate to work with talented artists and art organisations. Whilst working at Site Specific Ltd, Richard worked on the design of new studio spaces for Gary Hume and Marc Quinn. More recently we have worked with Lindsay Seers assisting her with construction drawings for her installation piece 'Nowhere less now', that has been exhibited in the Hayward Gallery in London and MONA in Australia.

We have provided our services to Artangel, collaborated with Pacitti Company and continue to work with Ipswich Art Centre and Hamilton MAS in Felixstowe.

We collaborated with Pacitti Company on Block Magic for the SPILL Festival in Ipswich. The project was set on the waterfront and was a constantly shifting playground structure made of interlocking crates. The play spaces were first designed by children on tablets using a bespoke piece of software and then built daily across the festival as ever evolving physical structures for children to play in, on and around.

Block Magic by Pacitti Company and EDRM. SPILL Festival 2018, produced by Pacitti Company. Photograph of installation with child by Guido Mencari.

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