99 VR

This single-storey development for our client's elderly relative is to be built on severance land from their garden. With a tight plot and planning restrictions 99VR aims to camouflage itself and complete the green walled garden formed by the existing mature planting of the garden site.

99 VR was conceived to be sustainable, adaptive, robust and of a manageable scale. The layout of the dwelling has been designed to meet criteria defined by the 'Lifetime Homes Standard'. This set of guidelines allow buildings to be designed with a high level of flexibility for future adaptation to provide for the changing needs of the occupant over time.

The project was completed in 2013 as a self build with the client taking a lead role in the construction of the property. The house was constructed using prefabricated timber frames with recycled newspaper insulation, a ground source heat pump, a sedum roof and a planted green façade. The house achieved Code for Sustainable Homes level 4.