1 Bed

A proposal for a one bedroom house to replace a derelict stable building on a small side road in Hackney. This tight urban site yields a modest footprint that necessitates building up to its boundaries. Only a small slither of ground is relinquished.

At ground floor level the simple brick front elevation wall tapers and offers back a thin wedge of garden to the street, suggestive of the domesticity beyond its defensive shell. Behind the concealed street door hides the smallest of courtyards leading to an entrance, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Elevated above street level, the first floor is reserved for the main living space with views overlooking the chaotic yards of the adjacent terrace, the streetscape and the more tranquil gardens of the of what used to be the Mothers' Hospital.

Designed as OMDA, a collaboration between Ellie DeGory, Richard MacRae and Adam Ogilvy.

Photographs by Matt Clayton Photography.

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